1. 10+2 or its equivalent with science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with minimum 45% marks   OR
  2. 10+2 with Medical Laboratory Technology (Vocational background) with minimum 45% marks

About Course

The main objective of the Diploma in Medical Lab Technology(DMLT) programme and also generally refer to Bachelor/B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology Programme. The main subjects to be covered during the first and second year of the course and also same as for the Degree course. Within the completion of the two years of the above course the candidate after undergoing the necessary course module, Diploma will be awarded and also have an choice to continue if they needed, the degree course, within the required time schedule as mentioned in the degree course.


6-month internship training programme for those who will continue the bachelor degree course as mentioned in the syllabus of the aforesaid course.